The Luttrell Public Library was established in 1951. The library was housed in Dr. R. S. Monroe’s small office building in Luttrell. School girls served as librarians in the afternoon each week. Under the sponsorship of the Luttrell Ruritan Club the library was moved in May 1959 into the stock room at Harry Waddington's store in Luttrell. The Union County Court then appropriated library funds, a library board was elected and the Clinch-Powell Regional Library then started to supply books. The Ruritan Club built the shelves in this facility. The library was open three hours each week on Thursday. In September 1960 The Library was moved to the Donahue Building in Luttrell and rented the room for $10 a month. In 1982 the library was moved into a 550 square foot room in the same building with Luttrell City Hall. This building at one time was an Oil Company Building. In 2004 Luttrell Public Library applied and received a $100,000.00 Library Construction Building Grant from the state. We are now in the new Luttrell Public Library with over 2000 square feet of space. The new library is located next to Luttrell Elementary School (grade K-5) and Luttrell City Hall before the Luttrell Recreational Park.

Kimberly Todd - Library Director
Michelle Faulkner- Library Assistant
Holly McBee - Library Assistant

Union County Library Board:
Sydney Jessee Jr., Chair
Melissa Williams, Secretary
Sara McClain, member
Julia Gibbs, member
Chip Brown, member
Ty Blakley, member
Ann Dyer, member
Mike Williams - Regional Board Member
Lori Wolfenbarger - Regional Board member

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Phone: 865-992-0208
Fax: 865-992-4354